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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Specifications and price of Fero A4001 mobile phone.

We are all aware of what’s happening in the country presently: the crash of our dear naira to dollar, given rise to periodical increase in the price of almost all goods in the country, and all these also affects technological gadgets (Mobile phone to be precise).

It’s difficult to find a cheap and quality phone at a price less than 20k(twenty thousand naira) in market this days. Here comes an android mobile cell phone the name of the phone is “Fero A4001” , comes with 6.0 Marshmallow.

See the full specifications and price below:

Operating system

Type: Andriod
Version: Andriod 6.0 Marshmallow


Chipset: SC7731C
Frequency: 1.2GHz Quad-core


Dimensions: 125.2*63.3*10mm
Weight: 110g
Colour: Black, silver, cyan
SIM: Dual
SIM type: Micro
Display: IPS LCD capacitive touch screen of 16million colors and 4.0inches full HD display screen with 480 x 800 pixels and also supports multitouch.
RAM: 512
ROM(internal): 8GB
External memory: Micro-SD, extendable to 32GB
Back/Front Camera : 2.0MP/0.3
Network/connectivity: 2G, 3G
Battery: Removable Li-ion 3000mAH battery
Current Price: 29,000 (Konga),

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Thursday, 9 February 2017

How To Repair The Mouth-Piece Of Your Phone- Do It Yourself

In today’s discussion am gonna teach you how you can make your mobile phone that had a faulty or damaged mouth-piece to work again and perfectly without visiting any engineer's shop.

A Mouthpiece is a component that converts sound signal into an electrical signal ,it then transfers it through your network to your caller  and also makes you to hear whatever you've recorded.

Everyone of us uses a mobile phone that’s why u’re able to read this very article. Its commonly reported that some phones do have mouth-piece problem after few weeks or months of purchase. I will advise here that you should not just jump on any phone that you see in market take your time to checkout on the quality product/one.
You don’t need to be an engineer before u can perform some little exercise on ur phone cuz u’ve visited the right place(blog) where we give u practical tutorials full and free..

There are some instruments(tools) u are going to use so you need to buy them so that you will not always borrow from people,when you have yours you can easily lay hold on it whenever you need it for your phone ,electrical gadgets or loved ones.To get these tools visit any electrical shop ,ask for solding iron,lead and tools.SEE SOME PICS BELOW…
phone repair tools
phone repair tools
soldering iron

soldering lead

NB: If your callers “always” complain that they don’t hear you clearly/at all ,its also a mouth-piece disorder.
Follow me carefully as I solve the problem now!.


From what I said earlier you should now understand what a mouth-piece is, good!
After u’ve bought the complete tools pack ,pick any of the tool and see the one that will have an exact match with the “nut” of the phone you want to use loose.OK.,Now loose it and carefully bring out the panel of the phone.
NB: Don’t force it out of the “craker” so as to avoid the damage of any resistor or any other unit.

Goto the lower part of the phone, you will see the mouth piece there.Here ,u’ll either see a tiny wire on the mouth-piece disconnected or everything well connected but mouth-piece damaged, so any of the two cases u notice ,just replace with the new one you bought and solder it back then you are done!!!

TO TEST: Goto phone menu and click record, save what you’ve recorded and hear it working CLEARLY and LOUDDD…… Hurray you are now an engineer!!!!!!


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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

How To Know/Check Your Current Tariff Plan-All Networks

Hello guys how are you doing , i believe you are all fine.......dahts great!!

Am sure that very few of us know the tariff plan in which we belong on our respective network services.

Why do you need to Know It?

You need to know your tariff plan so as to know which one will favor you most in terms of their call rates, data bundles/plan, promo and other enjoyable services. For example, on my own personal glo line; whenever i recharge am always given free credit(for both inter and intra-network calls), data bundle and so on. So , if you don’t know your package then you’ll be suffering silently cuz you don’t which of the plan will be most favorable to u.

Many persons always complain to me that whenever they recharge and start making calls ;their credit always run-off very fast.
It’s unfortunate that most/all service providers do place the subscribers on expensive tariff plan so as to maximize profit, but since you are innocent about it you just see that your credit is not always enough for you.
Do you know that you can actually talk for hours with little credit?, this can be so when you are on an affordable call tariff plan/package.

Dial the codes below as stated on their respective networks.

For Airtel: dial *121*2*1#
For Glo: dial #100#
-you may get a response like USSDC:ESME, keep dialing the code until it display ur tariff plan.
For Mtn: dial *123*1*2#
For Etisalat: dial *244*33#
After knowing your tariff plan and you wish to know the benefits of the plan or you wish to change to another plan, you can call the care center with this numbers.

Customer lines:
For Airtel: dial 111 or 121 (both working)
For Glo: dial 121
For Etisalat: dial 200
For Mtn: 180.

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Monday, 6 February 2017

Major Reasons Why Search Engines Might Have Been Ignoring Your Website

There have been so many complains here and there especially from those that are newbie to blogging saying that Google and other search engines are not indexing their entire website though they submitted it week ago and so on... This is very true but i want you to know that nothing actually happens without a cause or reason.
You may be experiencing this due to all or some of the following reasons i have shortlisted below, checkout the one you are guilty of and make necessary corrections or changes.
They are listed as follows:

(1) Inability for search engines to read your web page content: 

Know this,that search engines do make use software programs to get your website/web pages indexed. A web page that looks so great to the eye can be totally “meaningless” to search engines, and may completely ignored.If you have a good looking web site that is “meaningless” to search engines, you will not be able to obtain high search engine rankings with that web site no matter how cool and interesting your web site content maybe. In general, search engines cannot detect your content which is presented in images (PNG, JPEG, GIF e.t.c.), Flash elements, JavaScript and other script languages or any other multimedia file formats.So now you need find out how search engines see your web page, use a search engine spider simulator. The free IBP trial has a fully functional spider simulator that gives you an opportunity to see your web pages through the eyes of a search engine.

(2) Check for “Noindex” in the Meta settings:If you add NOINDEX in your meta tag settings it means you do not want bots to indexed your website at all.

So, make sure they are not included in the tag and if included then remove it.

(3) Your web pages may contain spam elements:
If your site contains a unit of spam element it is capable of destroying all your SEO work. If you make use “hidden text” or other spam elements on your web page then many search engines will not list your web site, no matter how great its content might be.
If you use white text on a white background, text in invisible CSS elements or similar elements that might be interpreted as spam then you should remove these elements as soon as possible. It will be difficult to get high rankings if your web pages contain spam elements.

Only Submitting your web site to search engines is not just enough. If you want to get high rankings you must make sure that search engine spiders can access your web pages without problems.

Finally, make sure that search engine spiders finds out the right content on your web pages and your site must have enough inbound links.

Note: use the IBP program to help make your website more prominent on the search engines.

(4) Site de-indexation:

This literally means that search engines stop to index your website and even delete the ones that have been indexed afore time. This problem may be as a result of your website accommodating so many spam contents, regular changing of your url, publishing of fake articles and that are irrelevant.

(5) Copy/paste or contents:

I believe we all know what this means, you continue posting others person’s articles directly without acknowledging the real owner, and you expect your website to be indexed how will that work, i can assure you that if you continue that way your website will later get banned and you will loose your website and your work will turn to a waist.

If more than a URL on the same website are linking to multiple pages with the same contents then you may likely have a duplicate content issue affecting your site
So make sure all your contents are original or unique.
Find and delete all duplicates on your web site then you will see the changes on how search engines will start indexing your site.

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Monday, 23 January 2017

Prolong Your Laptop's battery Life With These Simple Tricks - Check It Out

Do you often wonder why your laptop battery drain quickly. This could be due to the way you use some of your laptop functions. I am going to be showing you some tricks that would help you save more battery life. None of these tricks will turn a laptop without much stamina into an all-day workhorse, but they’ll help you go without an outlet for a while longer. Extra attention should be paid to the laptop's display— that’s the big battery sucker.

(1) Reduce The Screen Brightness :

The biggest battery drain on any modern portable electronic device — whether it’s a laptop, smartphone, or tablet — is the display. Reducing your screen’s brightness is a simple way to significantly save more time from your laptop’s battery. On a typical laptop, you generally hold the Function ess the brightness buttons on your laptop keyboard. The lower the brightness level, the longer you can use your laptop on battery power. This applies to any laptop brand. You can also use the Windows Mobility Center to quickly adjust screen brightness. Open it by pressing Windows Key + X on Windows 7. On Windows 8, you can launch it from the Control Panel — Windows Key + X opens the power user menu instead.

(2) Have Your Display Automatically Turn Off :

If you step away from your laptop for a few minutes, or stopped using it for sometime, its screen will still be on, draining the battery power. This can be reduced by setting more aggressive display power settings to have the laptop dim and turn off the display when you’re not using it. To do this, open the Power Options dialog in the Control Panel and set your display to dim and turn off after a short period of time. You can move your mouse or press any key to turn the display right back on with no delay, so this is an easy way to save power — as long as the display doesn’t turn off while you’re using the laptop, this shouldn’t bother you too much. Media players set the display to automatically stay on while they’re running,this ensures that you can still watch a video without constantly having to move your mouse or change your power settings.

(3)  Disable Bluetooth and Other Hardware Devices :

Its possible that your laptop has a Bluetooth radio and may even have an infrared (IR) port. All of these devices drain battery power simply by being enabled and powered on. You can save battery power by disabling them when you have no use for them. To disable Bluetooth, you can easily press the Function (Fn) key and press the key with the Bluetooth symbol on your laptop. Disabling Wi-Fi can also help in saving or increasing your battery life if you aren’t using it. For example, if you’re using your laptop on an airplane and not taking advantage of in-flight Wi-Fi, turn off your laptop’s Wi-Fi to save some power. Wi-Fi can be turned off in a similar way using the function keys on your laptop or even by disabling the Wi-Fi adapter in the Control Panel’s network connections window.

(4) Tweak Your Power Plan :

Windows offers power plans that can quickly change your laptop’s power settings to different profiles. For example, you can have your computer in Balanced mode most of the time and switch to Power saver mode when you need every bit of power you can get. Each power plan’s settings can be modified individually. You’ll find power plans in the Control Panel’s Power Options window. To modify advanced power options, click the Change plan settings link and select Change advanced power settings. You can change a variety of settings here, including setting your laptop to power off its hard drive more quickly and telling your computer to slow down the processor rather than turning on the fan if it becomes hot. Both of these behaviors will save power. The default settings should be fairly optimal if you select Power saver mode, but you can make the settings even more aggressive in some areas.

(5) Use the Windows Power Troubleshooter :

Windows 7 and 8 include a power troubleshooting tool that will scan your system for common battery drains and automatically fix them. To load this tool, open the Troubleshooting pane in the Control Panel — perform a search for Troubleshooting to find it. Select the View All option in the Troubleshooting pane and launch the Power troubleshooter. Windows will look for common issues and automatically fix them. This is a quick way to check if a laptop’s settings are optimal without digging through many different options dialogs.

(6) Slim Down Startup Programs, Use Lighter Software :

To save power, make your computer do less in general: Don’t use a screensaver. They’re unnecessary on modern displays and will drain your battery to do nothing useful when your display could be off and saving power. Run fewer programs in the background. Examine your system tray for programs you don’t need and uninstall them or disable them and prevent them from automatically starting with your computer. Reduce CPU usage. If you use heavy programs that have your CPU doing a lot of work all of the time, your CPU will use more power and your battery will drain faster. Running fewer programs in the background can help with this, as can selecting lightweight programs that are easy on system resources. Avoid maxing out your RAM. If your computer fills its RAM and needs more memory, it will move data to the page file on its hard drive, and this extra hard drive usage can drain battery. This shouldn’t be a problem on modern computers with a decent amount of RAM. If your laptop’s RAM is full, try to make more RAM available — close programs running in the background or even upgrade your laptop’s RAM. The less your computer has to do, the more power it can save. You can find more information about CPU and RAM usage in your Task Manager.

(7) Hibernate Instead of Sleep :

When your laptop goes to sleep, it uses a small amount of power to power its RAM and keep its system state loaded in memory, allowing it to wake up and resume in just a few seconds. When your laptop hibernates, it saves its system state to disk and powers off, using almost no power. If you’re not going to be using your laptop for a few hours, place it into hibernate mode rather than sleep mode to conserve even more battery power. Sleep mode doesn’t use a lot of battery power, but hibernate uses as much as having the computer powered off.

If you’ve had your laptop for a while and the battery is holding less power than it used to — but you’re not ready to upgrade to a new laptop just yet — you can try replacing your laptop’s battery with a new one for even longer battery life.

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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Tips On How To Guest Post And How To Benefit From It

Question: What is the meaning of guest posting?
Answer: From the word "guest" -meaning a visitor, so, guest posting simply means the act of creating and publishing relevant contents on another person's website.
Blogs are a very popular platform for guest posting. It's a good way to build an online reputation and for a company very famous. Not only will a company’s followers see its content when u post to another person's blog, but also anyone who follows the host blogger will see the company’s content as well, thus reaching an audience that might be unaware of your service or brand.

Importances Of Guest Posting

From what i just explained above , you should have now begin to draw out of what importance guest posting will be to you as a blogger.

Below are the listed importances:

  • πŸ‘‰When you guest post, it makes you to have a wide range of access to new audiences by increasing the amount of people advertising the content.
  • πŸ‘‰It builds your online authority when you have contents posted on other sites.
  • πŸ‘‰It also establish a positive relationship with other companies and people that may be of help to us in terms of purchasing your products or request for your services.
  • πŸ‘‰You will be easily seen on search engines thereby increasing your traffic and page rank.
Now that you've known what a guest post is and its importance, at this junction i want you to also know that there are some criteria to meet up with for your post to be accepted and you benefiting from it.

Things that you must consider before you write any guest postπŸ’–:

1. Analyze your area of interest:
This is one of the things that most writers fail to consider! Obviously everyone has expertise in specific domains. Choosing a topic on the field you are knowledgeable in will give an added advantage over other writers, and your content could easily attract numerous audience.

2. Be creative and new:
No website will accept copied content so, you write a fresh and new content that will hunt the interest of people. Don't worry if your article is of low quality you will be better as you continue to write.

3. Adhere to Their rules
Always read the rule and regulations of the site you wanna post to and make sure you abide by them so that your article will be accepted and published.

4. Keep it clean:
Try to make your work very simple and easy for people to be able to read and understand. Avoid using too much grammars and vocabularies.

5. Follow your readers:
After your written article have been accepted, make sure you respond to peoples comments as it will encourage them and build trust and relationship between you and the audience.

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

You Too Can Be A Winner – @ZealmatAward2017

Hello, my readers how have been your day so far, i belive you’ve been flexing it so well, ok good!.
It’s been long i posted here on this blog due to some reason’s which made me so busy, but now am back to feed yes! I mean “to feed” you with the juicy articles that you always love to read here on Damytechs blog.

I was surfing through the net today , then visit one of my favorite blog “ Zealmat blog ”. There, i saw a package, so i decide to share it with the dedicated readers of this blog.
What can this be ?....try guessing …. Oh! No, you can’t get it right. What exactly am bringing to your notice is known as “ZealmatAward2017”.
Zealmat Tech Blog
Zealmat blog is an outstanding tech blog in Nigeria that’s setup to give valuable & understanding tutorials to your knownledge. 

ZealmatAward – is a yearly prize-giving award brought to you by Zealmat blog(
You can view the winner of this year’s award here.
So, for you as a blogger to be qualified for the next year’s award, there are some tasks you are expected to carry-out. See the criteria here.

After a successful completion of the task then see what you stand to enjoy below:  

*You will receive a certificate and cash of ₦3,000 or a domain  name. Then, 
*You will be giving the opportunity to advertise your blog/site for free. Also,
*You will have an access to a free website banner or logo designed for you and lots more…..

Wow this is so amazing, cant wait to be a winner..lolz. What are you still waiting for. Get started now.

Note: this offer is for a limited time and it will last till the 10th of Jan. 2017.
This might be your chance.

If you still wish to make further enquiries then click here.

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   Thanks for reading this article!


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Crucial Things You Must Know Before You Create A Blog [Part One]

According to wikipedia, a blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web(www) consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries ("posts").
Now a days you find so many blog on net- either a personal blog or blog focused on profession acceleration.

In the last few years blogging has grown so greatly. Presently, there are blogs for almost everything on earth such as losing weight, fitness, DIY gardening(do it yourself) , learning a new language, advancing a career, or even making money online. As blogging developes, so are the anticipations of readers and standards required of bloggers.

Not all blogs are created equally - Some lack focus while others lack purpose.
When you are just starting out a new blog, you should really think of  how you can make it a successful one?

It is unfortunate that so many people jump on the blogging trend not taking their time to familiarize themselves with the basis or fundamentals of blogging and how to use it for online lead generation, and these group of persons do not go very far because of two main reasons. First, is that they fail to understand their roles, and secondly, they don’t meet the anticipations of their audience or readers.
Now, for you to avoid any such scenario or occurrence or experience that is why i have written these article, here, you will know the fundamental things should consider before creating your blog.

Especially those that are asking me, i want you to carefully go through what i have in stock for you.

1. What’s the Purpose of Your Blog?

WHY BLOG?  …………Do you create it just because others have a blog or your all friends all have their own blogs ? - You shoud know the clear purpose or aim of creating your blog.

There are numerous types of blogs and reasons for blogging, from networking to building brand authority, expanding your reach online, growing a business, providing oneself a creative outlet, and many more.
One of the benefit is that allot of people uses it as a platform to make great cash(money)  – if not turning their blog into a full-time revenue stream.
Blogs can directly earn income by monetizing them. In most cases, people monetize their blog by taking on advertisements.
But the purpose of your blog should be tied to your objectives and goals and it should be realistic.

Do not expect to get positive results immediately when you start blogging. when you realize the impact that your blog is going to have on an audience then, you can only achieve the desired results.  The bottom line is that you should have a purpose that will help you engage and inspire your readers or audience excellently.
While others create blogs for pleasure, others create blogs to educate and inform their target audience.

2. Your Target Audience

At the time you decided to set up a blog, you should already have in mind the audience that will access and read your blog. Do not just assume that everybody that comes across your blog will read it.
The only set of people that will read your blog posts are the people who obtain value from the information that you publish and share.  So increase the productivity of your blogging, by researching more about your audience, know their; (i) preferences, (ii) concerns, (iii) expectations, (iv) needs, and (v)their interests, by making this research it will guide you when writing posts for your blog.
Do not think/assume that what you’re going to publish will tick with your audience- you have to know your audience first,so that you can target them with the relevant content.

You might have missed this: Major Reasons Why Search Engines Might Have Been Ignoring Your Website

3. Nature of Blog Content

You also need to decide ahead of time the kind of content(post) that you want to create and publish in your blog. Your purpose is your best guiding post as far as content creation is concerned.  If you want to create a blog so as to educate your audience then you should have more focus on informative/enlightening posts. And on the other and, if you want to involve your audience in prompt reactions, then you should focus more on trending topics and issues.

You might have missed this: 90+ Dofollow Commentluv Enabled Blog List.
Some readers are pleased or happy they are reading a very posts, while others may love reading lengthy and thought motivating posts – in the same vein, others persons may prefer online video marketing resources like training videos.
Whichever content and style you choose to make use of, a balance of contents will do you more and great good.

So Finally, it all depends on who you are targeting and what you want to achieve from your blog.

As seen from the topic of this post - this is the first part of this aricle. To really understand everything precept by precept and digest it, i divided it into parts.
So, always check back for the second part of this tutorial when it will be posted so that you will not miss anything.
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