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Thursday, 9 February 2017

How To Repair The Mouth-Piece Of Your Phone- Do It Yourself

In today’s discussion am gonna teach you how you can make your mobile phone that had a faulty or damaged mouth-piece to work again and perfectly without visiting any engineer's shop.

A Mouthpiece is a component that converts sound signal into an electrical signal ,it then transfers it through your network to your caller  and also makes you to hear whatever you've recorded.

Everyone of us uses a mobile phone that’s why u’re able to read this very article. Its commonly reported that some phones do have mouth-piece problem after few weeks or months of purchase. I will advise here that you should not just jump on any phone that you see in market take your time to checkout on the quality product/one.
You don’t need to be an engineer before u can perform some little exercise on ur phone cuz u’ve visited the right place(blog) where we give u practical tutorials full and free..

There are some instruments(tools) u are going to use so you need to buy them so that you will not always borrow from people,when you have yours you can easily lay hold on it whenever you need it for your phone ,electrical gadgets or loved ones.To get these tools visit any electrical shop ,ask for solding iron,lead and tools.SEE SOME PICS BELOW…
phone repair tools
phone repair tools
soldering iron

soldering lead

NB: If your callers “always” complain that they don’t hear you clearly/at all ,its also a mouth-piece disorder.
Follow me carefully as I solve the problem now!.


From what I said earlier you should now understand what a mouth-piece is, good!
After u’ve bought the complete tools pack ,pick any of the tool and see the one that will have an exact match with the “nut” of the phone you want to use loose.OK.,Now loose it and carefully bring out the panel of the phone.
NB: Don’t force it out of the “craker” so as to avoid the damage of any resistor or any other unit.

Goto the lower part of the phone, you will see the mouth piece there.Here ,u’ll either see a tiny wire on the mouth-piece disconnected or everything well connected but mouth-piece damaged, so any of the two cases u notice ,just replace with the new one you bought and solder it back then you are done!!!

TO TEST: Goto phone menu and click record, save what you’ve recorded and hear it working CLEARLY and LOUDDD…… Hurray you are now an engineer!!!!!!


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