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05 August, 2017

One Of The World's Strongest Power bank - Check It Out!

Am introducing to you today one of the best(if not the best power bank created so far) in the whole universe tested and proved as a quality one.

When it comes to the capacity of power it's fully loaded with 100,000mAh. It has Quick Charge 3.0 support and a maximum output power of up to 18W, also, features 220V AC and 12V/19V DC outlets as well as four USB ports, giving users the option to recharge small consumer electronics devices or use the powerbank as a UPS for more power-hungry electronics.

The power bank which is named "MOUPS" power bank was designed and created by "Orico" - a Chinese consumer electronics company. According the company they claim that the Orico MOUPS units are powerful enough to be used as portable uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) for radios, TVs, notebooks and other similar devices.

As for the MOUPS’ design, this is clearly not a power bank that's designed to be put in one’s pockets, but then again, this is not a conventional power bank in the first place but was instead meant to serve as a traveler’s pack and it most likely carries some weight given its large battery capacity, though it also comes with a strap that should facilitate carrying and handling as seen below.๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

The most interesting thing about this gadget is that it comes with a 36W solar charging board that that acts as its power source , though it come with extra cost, so you don't need to soly depend on electricity before you can recharge it when it runs down....I think this is really cool enough.

The price is around $150 - $180,that's if it hasn't been reduced. And the solar panel cost $65 - $70.

It's now time to hear from you guys, what's you say about this Orico MOUPS mighty power bank??...drop your comment below๐Ÿ’ฌ and also share this post.

I can't appreciate you guys enough, thanks for being here !.

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  1. I just added this blog site to my feed reader, excellent stuff. Cannot get enough! power bank price

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  3. Very informative. Thank you for taking the time to post this. Here is a link to our first online giveaway. PS. Acobs Global

  4. After reading this, just one things to say. Out of this world.